Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Panopto

Panopto is prompting me to download Microsoft Silverlight but I already have it.

Microsoft Silverlight prompt screenshotIf you are using Google Chrome (a web browser) to upload media to Panopto, load the Panopto editor or view legacy sessions, you will be prompted to install Microsoft Silverlight. This prompt will be shown even if you have Silverlight installed. This problem is due to the recent release of the latest version of Chrome (version 42), which turns off certains types of plugins, including Silverlight, by default. 

To fix this, follow the steps listed by Panopto to re-enable these plugins. Note: This only works on Windows operating systems (OS).

In future releases, Panopto will move from Silverlight to HTML 5 and Flash options for its uploading and editing functions. If you need help, contact Panopto directly at

What causes audio problems?

Wearable microphones work much better than desk microphones that only work when the lecturer is standing nearby.

I can't view a recording. Who can give me access?

If you cannot access a recording, talk to your tutor or course coordinator.

Capturing presentations from Apple devices

We have identified an issue with capturing presentations made when connecting Apple devices via the lectern high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) input. This problem is due to the High Definition Copy Protection (HDCP) that is applied to your device’s HDMI output by Apple. HDCP is an anti-piracy measure designed to prevent illegal copying.

The current solution is to use the Video Graphics Array (VGA) output your device instead. If this is not possible, please find an alternative way to present e.g. by converting your slides to a Windows-compatible format or connecting remotely to your device from the lecture theatre computer.

We will continue to research other solutions, but please note that this is now expected behaviour from Apple devices and it might not be possible find a way around the HDCP. If you have any queries about this or require advice on alternatives, contact the ICT Service Desk.


Playback sometimes freezes when using the Firefox browser

Panopto are aware that some recordings freeze when viewed using the Firefox browser. Panopto have identified this as an issue within Firefox and are working on providing a fix.

If this occurs, we advise that you view the recording in another browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Finding recordings in the iOS app.

We have identified an issue in the iOS app for Panopto with folders. Some folders will not display in the menu even if you have the correct permissions to view them. The folders affected are sub folders with the correct permissions within a parent folder that does not have permissions set.

The current workaround is to use the web browser on your device to access Panopto and find the name of the session you are trying to view. Then enter the name into the search box of the app to view the required session.

This is a known issue with the app and Panopto are working on a fix for a future update.

Panopto will not record the screen while minimized or hidden on macOS Sierra

There is a bug in Panopto for Mac that occurs on macOS Sierra (version 10.12). Specifically, when users hide or minimize Panopto for Mac during a screen recording on macOS Sierra, Panopto stops recording the screen. Please note that this only occurs in version 10.12. 

To fix this, please download and install the latest version of Panopto for Mac.  

The video feed crashes when I view recordings at a playback speed faster than 1.0x

Panopto are aware that using the high-speed playback option in the Panopto web-player can cause videos to crash. This occurs when changing video feed source during playback (for example, when switching between the view between the slides and the camera). The problem only occurs when playback is set at anything faster than 1x normal speed.

We advise that you set the playback speed to 1.0x when you wish to change the video source. After you have changed the source, you can increase the speed again.

Panopto's technical team are working on a permanent solution.