Edit the length of a recording

  1. Go to imperial.cloud.panopto.eu
  2. Enter your College username and password.
  3. Click Sign In.
  4. Locate the capture you would like to edit.
  5. Hover over the capture and select the Edit button. The editor will open and you can begin editing your document. If you want to zoom into your capture timeline or zoom out (to improve your view) use the zoom in and out buttons.
  6. Locate the editing handles to trim the start and end point of the recording. These are yellow handles (or tabs) that can be found at the beginning and end of the recording.
  7. Grab the handles on either end of the timeline and drag them inwards to the point at which you want the recording to start or end. Eliminated portions of the capture will be greyed out.
  8. Select the scissors icon to delete middle portions of your presentation and double click on the timeline section that you would like to remove. After clicking you should see an additional set of handles.
  9. Drag one of the additional set of handles to amend the start or end point.
  10. Repeat step 7 to add other edits.
  11. Click Save and then Save and continue.  
  12. Click on Revert and then OK to remove your edits. The edit will take a little while to process.
  13. When you want to view your capture with the edit tick Preview Edits.

Other editing options

Access other editing options by returning to the Editor section.

Manage versions

Do not use this section as it will not work. To make a copy, use the Copy feature in the Manage tab inside the Settings cog. 


To merge two sections, follow these steps: 

  1. Drag one of the end handles towards the one adjacent to it.  A pop up window will then appear which will ask you if you would like to merge the two sections.  
  2. Click OK to accept the merge or Cancel to cancel it.

Deleting and editing items using the tabs

If you would like to delete an element you can use the Events, Streams, and Edits tabs by following these steps:

  1. Select the tab.
  2. Hover over the element that you would like to delete.
  3. Click the Delete button.
  • Events: These refer to major changes within your capture. If you hover over each of these you will see which area it affects. Usually these are video or slide elements.
  • Streams: This refers to an entire element within your recording such as the audio/video or slide presentation. If you choose to delete the DV stream it will remove the entire video along with the audio. Unfortunately, you cannot separate the audio from the video and then remove just one of these.
  • Edits: This refers to each individual edit you have made.

Alternatively you can edit the start and the end point of the events, streams, and edits by hovering over them and clicking on the Edit button.

Embed a YouTube Video into a Panopto Session

  1.  In the editor, go to the contents tab (you are there by default when you first open the Panopto editor).
  2.  Click on the Insert YouTube video button.
  3.  This will insert a new Table of Contents entry at the location in the timeline that you are currently at.
  4. A new screen will show up asking for information related to the YouTube video you are wanting to embed
The fields below need to be filled out.
  • Link - Paste in the link to the video that you would find in the address bar of your browser for the video.
  • Time - This is the time in your session in which the YouTube video will start
  • Start (Optional) - This field allows you to designate where in the YouTube video you want it to begin playing.
  • End (Optional) - This field allows you to designate where in the YouTube video you want it to stop playing
  • Show YouTube Controls (Checkbox) - If checked, the controls for the YouTube video will appear when you hover over the video.
  • Autoplay (Checkbox) - If checked, when the Panopto session reaches the YouTube video the video will play automatically. In unchecked, the session pauses and waits for the viewer to begin watching the video.

Please be aware of the College Copyright policy when embedding YouTube content.


The captions section allows you to add captions to different regions of your recording and are helpful for those with accessibility requirements.

To add captions, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Captions tab. 
  2. Move your cursor to the point in the timeline to which you would like to add the caption. Your position in the capture will be indicted with a red bar.  
  3. Type your caption in the bottom box on the left hand side and press the Enter key on your keyboard. Your caption will now be listed in the main captions box with a time stamp indicating its location within the capture.

Inserting another capture

You can combine captures by using the insert capture feature. This is the same as the merge feature that you find in the Manage tab of each recording.  We do not recommend that you use this feature as we have had variable results.

There are two ways to combine captures:

Via the slides tab

  1. Click on the Slides tab and select Add a presentation
  2. Choose the capture that you would like to insert. Panopto calls these ‘sessions’. You can also choose where you want the new session to be placed. 
  3. Click OK when you are ready to insert.

Via the Add content button

Alternatively you can select the Add content button. You will get the same window as seen in the previous example.