You should use PowerPoint in a Panopto recording because:

  • The headings will be picked up and used to create a Table of Contents that can be used for navigational purposes.
  • Slide thumbnails will be generated for each slide (or major slide changes).
  • The search feature can be used to find key words in the PowerPoint.

To use PowerPoint in conjunction with Panopto, there are certain rules to which you must adhere.

File size

Each PowerPoint file that you will use with Panopto has to be 100MB or less. Panopto cannot handle PowerPoint files larger than 100MB. To work around this, split larger files into smaller individual files.


Make sure you use a standard font such as Arial or Times New Roman in your PowerPoint as Panopto can only show standard fonts. If you use an unusual font, a different one may appear in your final recording.

Table of contents

  • When you record with Panopto, PowerPoint will help structure the recording.
  • To ensure that your PowerPoint picks up the Headings for the Table of Contents, you must prepare the document first and ensure the slide layout is correct.


You must ensure that your text boxes are made with the standard layout boxes. These are normally available when you hit New Slide. Make sure that you have a box that says Click to add title and Click to add text.

When adding text, only add it to the areas marked Click to add text. Any text that is not a heading should be written in the Body style. Select each title in your PowerPoint presentation and make sure that it is listed in the font area with a (Headings) style next to it. The Heading and Body fonts should be added automatically if you added the layout boxes correctly.

Secondary capture source - Powerpoint option

To ensure that your PowerPoint is captured, make sure that you have this item ticked in your personal recorder.

If you are using the scheduled recorder, tell the person who is scheduling the recording that you would like this feature as he or she will need to arrange this with us. Please note that this feature is set for the entire room, not an individual recording.

Mobile devices

When a user accesses a capture with a normal link on a mobile device (laptop, tablet, phone), they automatically see an MP4 version. The default setting for the Video Podcast/MP4 output is Picture-in Picture, however, if you want to leave your video like this, consider the amount of space that is available on your PowerPoint  when the video overlay is present in the bottom right hand corner. Make sure to leave enough room so that the video does not cover anything on your slide. 

For more information about how to customise the MP4 version, go to Alternative outputs.