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Applications for the Global Summer School 2018 are now closed.

Register your interest for our 2019 programme.

Please read the following guidance notes before making your application. Key application dates and deadlines can be found on the Applying page. 

You can save your progress at any time and return at a later date to complete your application. You will receive an automated reminder email every 3 days until you complete or withdraw your application. Once submitted, you can check the status of your application at any time by logging in to the online application portal. This will show you whether your parent/guardian and teacher have submitted their required forms.

Due to the number of applications we receive we cannot amend applications after they are submitted, unless we contact you directly for more information. Please ensure all information is completed before you submit your application.

Application steps

Creating an account

Follow the link on this page to access the Aspire application system and create an account. You will need to provide some personal details in order to create an account. You will be sent an email to verify your account. Once your account is verified you will be taken to a Homepage where you can select 'New application'. 

Academic qualifications

We require the following qualification details:

  • Details of all subjects/qualifications studied in the last two years (Key Stage 4 in UK). Please include all formal qualifications (e.g. GCSEs) and class grades, indicating that these are class grades. When adding your qualification type please also ensure you include details about the exam board/type of qualification  (e.g. International Baccalaureate class grade). 
  • Details of all subjects/qualifications you are currently studying. If predicted grades are available please provide these, if predicted grades are not available for subjects you are currently studying, please type NPG (no predicted grade).

Please note – Please enter subjects/qualifications one at a time. If your qualification type or subject is not listed, please select ‘Other’ and you will have the option to enter this manually. 

English language qualification

When asked to give details of your English language qualification please read the three options below and follow the steps for the option that applies to you:

  • If English is your native language you do not need to enter an English language qualification. Please select ‘No’ and state ‘English is my native language’ in your personal statement. Your teacher will need to confirm this in their reference for you.
  • If your lessons are taught in English at school you do not need to enter an English language qualification. Please select ‘No’ and state ‘My lessons are taught in English’ in your personal statement. Your teacher will need to confirm this in their reference for you.
  • If neither of the above apply you do need to enter an English language qualification. Please select ‘Yes’ and give the details of this qualification. Your teacher will need to confirm this in their reference for you.

Personal statement

The personal statement should demonstrate your motivation for applying to the Summer School, and you may like to consider including information about skills you have, skills you would like to develop, your future ambitions and your interest in the programme.

The word limit for the personal statement is 200 words. Any additional words included will not be assessed as part of the application. Please state whether English is your native language and whether all/the majority of your lessons are taught in English. If neither apply, you will need to give details of your English language qualification in the section provided.

Teacher reference

In order to access the teacher reference form, teachers will need to provide the student's date of birth. Teachers are required to verify the application information provided by the student, and add any amends. Teachers should also include information about the current and predicted grades of the student, and their English language ability. Please indicate whether English is the student's native language, whether all/the majority of lessons at school are taught in English, or details of any English language qualification held by the student.

Teachers may also like to include information about how they feel the student would benefit from the Summer School, how the student stands out at school, and details of any other relevant achievements, extra-curricular activities or interests.

Parent/guardian reference

The parent/guardian reference is for clarification purposes only, please only include information that clarifies the student's application. We are expecting no more than 30 words for a parent/guardian reference. We will not read any statements written by a parent/guardian supporting the application. Additionally, if there is any medical or circumstantial information that you feel is important for us to consider that has not been included by the student, please include this in the reference box.