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An exciting opportunity for Imperial College members and others to take a 50-minute class once a week at lunchtime. There are two 20-week programmes (October to March and January to July, respectively) and a 10-week programme (late April to July) to choose from.

Course descriptions, timetable and term date information, as well as enrolment instructions and location details can be found on this website. The following are the start times for web enrolment for our three programmes: 1 September for October to March, 19 November for January to July, and 1 April for late April to July.


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Lunchtime Learning is run by the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication, Imperial College London, Level 3, Sherfield Building, South Kensington Campus, London SW7 2AZ
Administration Office: Mr Christian Jacobi | c.jacobi@imperial.ac.uk | 020 7594 8756