Users of the shaking incubators, the cell disruptor and the large-volume centrifuge frequently transport cultures (in shaker flasks) from their labs to the Bioreactor suite.  The following rules apply:

  • Transport all liquids (culture flasks etc) safely and with appropriate secondary containment (never open!).  For example, Curver sells a lockable box (46 x 88 x 36 cm3) that holds up to six culture flasks.
  • The SEC lobby is not a lab space.  Lab coats or gloves must not be worn there.  (Gloves must not be worn at all on the way from your lab to the Bioreactor suite.)
  • Make sure that students working with you are properly trained and aware of the rules.

Please approach James for training if any of this is unclear to you.  Continued noncompliance will result in the eventual revocation of card access to the Bioreactor suite.