Russian imageBeginners

This is a lively, intensive course for absolute beginners giving an introduction to the language and plenty of opportunity to speak.

The basic skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening will be practised, but the emphasis is on speaking. A grammatical basis is promoted through active examples and practice, enabling students to build on their own knowledge independently. Close attention will be paid to the needs of the group and help given for specific objectives in Russian.

By the end of the eight weeks students will be able to cope in a number of practical situations such as:

  • introductions, providing basic information about oneself and others
  • learning numbers, days and dates, telling the time
  • ordering drinks and food, reading a menu, handling money
  • shopping for food, clothes, stamps, newspapers etc.
  • reserving tickets and booking rooms
  • describing things and people, habits, hobbies and preferences
  • using the past tense to describe holidays and experiences and the future tense to express plans and intentions
  • how to write and address letters, and how to use the telephone

Course materials

The textbook for this course is the following: Nicholas J. Brown, Hugo. Russian in Three Months, Marlesford, Woodbridge, 1988 (or any subsequent edition). There are twenty chapters, and the aim is to cover the whole book in class. Material from other textbooks will also be used.

Questions regarding the content and teaching of the above course should be addressed to the Russian Coordinator, Prof Charles Drage,

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N.B: Enrolment starts 1 March 2019