Chapman Fellowships - department postdoc positions. The application prcoess for 2017/18 is now open. The current application round is advertised on our vacancies web page.

Research associate positions, to work on aspects of Vafa-Witten theory in algebraic geometry.

If you are interested in doing a postdoc at Imperial, check back here from time to time for positions we might have attached to grants. Other possibilities include

  1. EPSRC intradisciplinary postdoctoral fellowships. Geometers should have no problem making the case that their research is intradisciplinary, involving more than one field. Find out more about the application process; this year applications need to be complete by early August!
  2. Two-year Newton Fellowship for people currently based overseas.
  3. Our own Chapman fellowships, usually advertised in November. See above!

    More senior and prestigious positions are:

  4. Our Research Fellowships for 3 years.
  5. Royal Society University Research Fellowships for 5 years (extendable to 8 years), open to EU/EEA citizens and those who have worked at EU/EEA universities.
  6. Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships. 
  7. EPSRC Early Career Fellowships for 5 years.

Ideally contact us in early October for (4), late August for (5) or November for (6). Applicants for (7) can apply at any time, but contacting us in either August or February makes most sense.