Thanks to generous donations to the Dean’s Funds, we were able to offer Samuel Garcin (Aeronautical Engineering) a helping hand when a change in family circumstances led to financial difficulty.

Samuel Garcin“My family’s financial situation changed dramatically after my father fell ill. At the time, I seriously considered stopping my studies. Thankfully, I received a lot of support from the College and my bursary from the Faculty of Engineering Dean’s Fund greatly helped me cover my living expenses.

I enjoy all the opportunities we have at Imperial to take on leadership roles – whether it’s through clubs and societies, or student-led technical projects. I am currently leading a team of 21 students in designing and building a 2.5m wingspan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). I believe UAVs will continue to revolutionise multiple industries and I am very keen to work in this field.

To everyone who supports the Dean’s Funds, I would like to say thank you so much for your help. Being able to obtain some emergency financial support allowed me to change my situation, and gave me the motivation to make the most of my time at Imperial. I promise that I will follow in your footsteps and join the donor community when I make it big.”