Professor Tom Welton tells how donations to his Dean's Fund help him support his Faculty.
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Overseas research placements expose students to new ideas, building their confidence and broadening horizons. Support for the Dean’s Funds means that more students like Michael Howlett (Chemistry) can access career-defining research opportunities.

Michael Howlett“My main motivation for doing a research placement was to gain international experience in an area of chemistry I hadn’t encountered before. I wanted to move out of my comfort zone and develop new interests. My placement took me to the Tanner group, at the University of British Columbia, which is working to produce a test molecule for a novel antibiotic. Being in a new place pushed me to make the most of it and now I’m definitely keen to stay within my current field of work as a research chemist.

I never would have considered applying for this opportunity if it weren’t for the bursary. It has had an impact on the work I do, my performance, and my confidence and enthusiasm since returning to university. I’d like to express my gratitude to all those who support the Dean’s Funds. You’re enabling people like myself to get vital, real-life research training and, in doing so, you’re investing in projects that improve lives. Thank you.”