A wonderful 9,681 people gave in 2016-17, raising over £51.5 million. Your generosity enables our students to thrive and our researchers to tackle society’s most pressing challenges. Every donation, whatever its size, makes a real contribution to Imperial’s future. Thank you.

Donor numbers continue to grow

Over the last six years, the number of people giving to Imperial has grown from 3,721 to 9,681. We’re proud that a growing number of friends and supporters are willing to invest in Imperial’s mission.

4,405 first-time donors

A warm welcome to everyone who made their first gift in 2016-17.

Call to action

Thank you to everyone who donated in response to our annual telephone campaign. This year our student callers had nearly 4,000 conversations with alumni around the world, who together pledged nearly £280,000 to the College.

Lasting legacy

70 people made the special decision to remember Imperial in their Will. In doing so, they become members of the Queen’s Tower Society, which celebrates all those who are investing in Imperial's future through a legacy gift.

£157,016 raised for the President's Scholarship Fund

1,338 donors generously gave £157,016 to the President’s Scholarship Fund which will support 46 of our brightest scholars.

Paying it forward

Last year, for the first time, we asked students to mark their graduation by making a donation towards scholarships and students support. This year, the number of gifts nearly doubled with 131 graduates choosing to help those following in their footsteps.