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Learning and Development Centre

Imperial’s Learning and Development Centre (LDC) offers a comprehensive range of training and development support for staff at all stages of their careers.  As well as the Imperial Professional Development Programme, the Imperial Leadership and Management Development Programme and a range of targeted development, the LDC offers:

  • Organisational development consultancy

    Consultants work in collaboration with managers and institutional leaders to initiate and deliver key interventions that add value to the College and its staff.
  • Safety training

    The Centre responds to the diverse needs of our research intensive activities by providing generic programmes centrally and advising on and supporting the development of programmes to meet specific local needs and conditions.  This provision is an important element of the     College’s compliance with legal responsibilities for health and safety at work.

  • Mediation

    A process which seeks to resolve conflict by bringing people together to talk openly in a safe environment.

  • Support for staff networks

    We encourage collaborative working, knowledge sharing and opportunities for development and social engagement. Current networks include the PA and Administrator Network, equality and diversity networks, new parent’s network and the technicians’ network.

  • Learning and Career Management

    A range of provisions, open to all staff, to encourage personal awareness and reflection; the best use of all learning and development activities; and planning for the future.

  • Mentoring

    Mentoring is a widely used development tool that has proved to have a beneficial impact on effectiveness, confidence and career advancement. Most mentoring occurs between senior and more junior colleagues although peer mentoring, where there is little or no differences in seniority, is also possible. Through one-to-one confidential conversations the mentee is encouraged and challenged to achieve their potential and aspirations.

    Availability and access to formal mentoring schemes varies across the College. If there is no formal mentoring scheme currently available to you it may still be possible for you to find a mentor. Talk to your HR contact in the first instance.

Also offered are the following development opportunities:

Talent development programmes for professional services staff

These targeted and selective programmes are designed to build on existing learning and development provision by enhancing the leadership capability of middle and senior leaders within Professional Services who have the leadership potential, aspiration and engagement to step up to senior roles within the organisation.


Imperial launched the Coaching Academy in 2009 and we are now able to offer one-to-one coaching as an additional support for the development of College staff. Coaching is solution-focused, helping the ‘coachee’ to find their own answers to work-related challenges. These challenges could include how to increase one’s impact in the workplace, how to deal with a difficult situation, or the exploration of career development options. Coaching is a confidential and voluntary process that enables individuals to manage workplace issues in a constructive and confident manner.

Imperial coaches are fully-trained and represent a cross-section of College staff. They can offer up to four confidential meetings over a period of three to six months.