Jigsaw pieces together

Our mission is to support the delivery of operational improvements and embed a culture of continuous improvement across the College

 Imperial is recognised worldwide for being at the forefront of education and research and, at the foundations of our academic excellence, our professional support services staff play an essential role. Operational Excellence (OE) is a key approach used to support our goal of delivering excellence in academic and professional support services, with the primary focus on reducing duplicated effort, tackling inefficient processes and delivering an improved experience for both staff and students.

 Operational Excellence aims to deliver the following objectives:

  • Maximise our investment of College resources in our core mission
  • Embed a culture of continuous improvement across the College to deliver consistent, high-quality professional services
  • Develop a sustaining OE capability, providing College staff with the skills and tools to implement improvements
  • Support the delivery of operational improvements across the College
  • Identify and exploit new technologies to improve our academic and professional support services

 Our services

The central team provides a range of services to support the delivery of the OE objectives covering the following themes:

  • Service and process improvement through deploying OE methods and tools
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project  Management
  • Change and Benefits Management

If you would like support or advice on any of the above please contact the Operational Excellence team: excellence@imperial.ac.uk