Open Access Language Laboratory

language labWhether you want to supplement your language course with some extra practice, or just learn a new language in your spare time, the Language Laboratory is available to all College members, free of charge.

The Language Lab (Lab 2, Room 313, Sherfield) is open for self-access study from 08.00 to 22.00, seven days a week, whenever it is not in use as a classroom. Please see the ‌Language Lab Timetable [pdf] for availability.

We have a wide range of audio materials available for many languages (see list).

Language Lab Self-Access Times

Once you are registered, you can use Lab 2 for self-access every weekday (including at the weekend) from 18.00-20.00, outside of teaching hours (i.e. at the times shown as 'free' on the timetable linked to below).

Language Lab Timetable [pdf]

How to Register to Use the Lab

Although any member of College may use the Lab, we ask that all potential users attend an introduction/registration session in Lab 2 (Room 313) before using the lab for the first time.

During term-time there are weekly Lab Inductions on Wednesdays at 14.00* in Language Lab 2 (Room 313, Centre for Languages, Culture & Communication, Level 3 Sherfield)

No appointment is needed for these sessions, though if this time is never convenient for you, you can email the Languages Programme Administrator or Language Lab Support to request a mutually-convenient time.

*NB: During vacation-time you are requested to make an appointment with Language Lab Support.