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Providing a greater level of detail across programmes, modules, assessments and student activity throughout the academic year for real-time continuous and detailed modular data submissions that inform teaching and research supervision funding.

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Imperial is focusing on a review of its curricula and assessment (Curriculum Review) to ensure learning outcomes and forms of assessment reflect the skills required by graduates for the 21st century. A new modular structure with for-credit modules and variety of assessment is being established from the 2019/20 academic year that enables greater choice and flexibility within programmes that evaluate the full range of student achievement and skill.

The new Banner student information system will reflect the College’s transition to a modular curriculum structure to provide a greater level of detail at programme, module, assessment and student activity throughout the academic year than has previously been possible. This in turn will provision for Higher Education sector change and regulatory compliance that requires real-time continuous and detailed modular data submissions that inform teaching and research supervision funding.


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Curriculum Structure Overview

The College is introducing modules agreed through the Academic Model for 2019/20 whilst undertaking a Curriculum Review. Continuing taught students on the existing curricula will be recorded in Banner on the modules agreed through the Academic Model. New students will be recorded in Banner on the agreed new curricula.

Departments have been working with the Programme to undertake the data collation for the Academic Model and to review and sign off their programme and module templates ready for this data to be built into Banner. Changes will be captured in the current way through the Minor and Major modifications process.

As the College achieves modularisation through Curriculum Review and the writing of its Academic Regulations, these will be embedded in Banner on a year-by-year basis.

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Programme and Module Code Structures

Programme codes will change from the current OSS codes for Curriculum Reviewed programmes. The proposed Programme code format for Curriculum Review is:

Department [STVDEPT] - Level [STVLEVL] - 3-digit number (incrementally assigned) - version number

e.g. BEUG001.01

The Module code format for Academic Model and Curriculum Review is:

Subject code (four characters driven by Department name in the system) - FHEQ level of the learning outcomes of the module - system generated four digit code

e.g. BIOE41234

* ‘9’ will be added in front of the numerical code for Academic Model to differentiate between Curriculum Reviewed module codes: BIOE940001

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Curriculum Structure Benefits

  • Banner student information system reflects the College curriculum structure
  • Meets legislation and CMA guidance relating to the provision of information for students
  • Enable improved and timely operational and strategic reporting
  • Ensure consistent and improved timetable, transcript and handbook information
  • Allow more efficient timetabling and use of resources
  • Enables improved management information e.g. class lists
  • Improves the student experience through a consistent and visible module selection process and visible assessment expectations leading to a better understanding of expected workload
  • Enables electronic programme information to be published to the College’s website