The following projects have been supported through the BBSRC Impact Acceleration Account

Supported Projects 2015/2016
Principal InvestigatorDepartmentProject Title
Dr Cleo Kontoravdi Chemical Engineering Evaluation and dissemination of computational tool for therapeutic protein quality prediction
Dr Paul McGinty Physics Novel platform for 3D optical mesoscopic imaging
Dr Masahiro Ono Life Sciences GUI-based computational pplatform to decode and retrieve the time information inside the immune cells from novel transgenic reporter mouse
Dr Konstantin Nikolic Bioengineering PyRhO: A Virtual Optogenetics Laboratory Creation of a Web Portal
BBSRC IAA Projects

The following projects were supported through the older BBSRC Sparking Impact Award

Supported Projects 2013
Principal InvestigatorDepartmentProject Title
Dr Sarah Butcher Bioinformatics LabBook: A Digital Lab Notebook
Professor Tony Cass Chemistry Low-cost test for arsenic contamination of water in resource limited countries
Professor Anthony Bull Bioengineering Osteoarthritis
Dr Aylin Hanyaloglu Surgery and Cancer Novel multi-colour super resolution imaging
Professor Michael Sternberg Life Sciences Assessment of the commercial impact of software for rational enzyme design in synthetic biology
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