Postdoctoral researchers

Currently there are no positions available in our group. However, we often have new positions advertised so please keep checking. The last two post-doctoral positions which were advertised at structural integrity and health monitoring group are listed below for information. They are however filled at this moment.

  • Research  Associate in Design, modelling and optimization of aeronautical composite structures:

    Applicants should have a strong experience in finite element method, modelling damage in composites, optimisation algorithms for composite components and advanced programing skills as well as good communication skills (including report writing and oral presentation).

  • Research  Associate in Structural Health Monitoring of composites with Fibre Optic sensors:
    The aim of this post is to investigate the application of Fibre Optics in structural health monitoring as sensors for strain/load reading and condition monitoring of structures. The application of different types of fibre optics technology will be investigated, such as Fibre Bragg Gratings (FBG) as point sensors (embedded or surface mounted); Draw Tower Gratings (DTGs) FOs; distributed sensing for continuous strain/temperature reading across the sensor; FBGs as ultrasound sensors for hybrid systems.

    For informal enquiries about the posts please contact Dr Zahra Sharif Khodaei at z.sharif-khodaei@imperial.ac.uk

In addition, exceptional candidates seeking external fellowships are welcome to contact Dr. Sharif Khodaei and Prof. Aliabadi to discuss opportunities. Some of the external postdoctoral fellowship for research include:


We are always looking for talented candidates who are passionate about Structural Integrity, Structural Health Monitoring, Optimisation and reliability analysis or ones with a passion in mathematics such as Numerical analysis, in particular, Boundary Element Method.

Prospective students are welcome to contact Dr. Sharif Khodaei or Prof. Aliabadi for opportunities. However due to the overwhelming interest we receive from applicants, we are sometimes unable to give a response to each email we receive.

Currently, PhD positions are available through the Imperial College PhD Scholarship Scheme. Often PhD's are self-funded through PhD scholarship programmes with their home country and the UK.