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Introduction to student finance in 2019/20

What is it?

The Maintenance Loan is designed to support full-time Home students with their living costs e.g. food, rent and travel.

Find out more about who qualifies for financial support from the Government on the website.

How much can I get?

The amount you can get depends on:

  • where you live
  • where you study
  • your household income

All students who are eligible for the loan can receive up to 50% of the maximum loan amount regardless of their financial situation. The maximum loan amount for students living away from home in London in 2018–19 is £11,354. The government has not yet released the figures for 2019-20.

Access to the remaining 50% is dependent upon your household income.

Home students can use our funding calculator to estimate what financial support (government support and the Imperial Bursary) they may be eligible for.

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Students from England

Students living in England must apply for financial support from the Government via the funding authority, Student Finance England.

You can find a guide to the Student Finance England Maintenance Loan amounts below.

Funding for students starting in 2018

Household incomeMaintenance Loan (living away from home)Maintenance Loan (living at home)
 £25,000 or less  £11,354  £7,324
 £30,000  £10,719  £6,707
 £35,000  £10,084  £6,090
 £40,000  £9,449  £5,473
 £45,000  £8,813  £4,855
 £50,000  £8,178  £4,238
 £55,000  £7,543  £3,621
 £60,000  £6,907  £3,224
 £65,000  £6,272  £3,224
 £70,000 and above  £5,654  £3,224


Students from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

The Welsh and Northern Irish devolved parliaments have released their figures for 2018-19.

Similar living cost support is available for students from Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales – contact your relevant funding body for more information about the amount you may be eligible for:

Students from elsewhere in the EU

Students from elsewhere in the EU are eligible for a Maintenance Loan if they have been living in the UK for five years prior to the start of their course and EU students who meet certain criteria are eligible for a Tuition Fee loan.

Funding for EU students has not been confirmed for 2019-20.

Also, check out Imperial's range of scholarships – the President's Scholarships scheme is open to students of any nationality.

Do I have to pay it back?

Yes, but only once you have left university, are in employment and earning a pre-tax salary of £25,000 a year or more.

Find out more about repaying your loans.

Find out more

For more information on loans, see the Government's GOV.UK website.