Dr Anna Barnard – Group Leader

AnnaAnna is a Junior Research Fellow in the Department of Chemistry and the Insitute of Chemical Biology. Her JRF is sponsored by Professor Ed Tate at Imperial and Tony Holder at the Francis Crick Institute.

After graduating with an MChem degree from Durham University in 2008, Anna began a PhD in Chemistry with Professor David Smith at the University of York on self-assembling dendrons with applications in gene delivery which included a research visit at the University of Illinois. From 2012, she worked as a post-doctoral research associate with Professor Andy Wilson at the University of Leeds for 2 years on the development of novel inhibitors of protein-protein interactions. She then carried out a post-doc at Imperial College with Ed Tate for one year until the start of her JRF position in October 2015.


Fiona RowanDr Fiona Rowan – Post-doctoral Research Associate 2017-Present

After completing my BSc (Biochemistry) at Cardiff and MRes (Biochemical Research) at Imperial, I spent a year working in the structural biology group at Evotec. Following this, I took up a PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research, where my project involved selective chemical modification of amino acids within a protein kinase to modify its activity and conformation. I then spent two years working as a postdoc with Ali Tavassoli (Southampton) validating cyclic peptide inhibitors of PPIs involved in cancer and bacterial infection. In January 2017 I moved back to Imperial to join the Barnard group.

My project involves the design and validation of peptide antagonists of Doc, a bacterial protein responsible for persistent infections and resistance to antibiotics. By inhibiting the action of this protein, resistant bacteria could be re-sensitised to existing antibiotics.

Postgraduate students

Theo FlackTheo Flack – PhD Student 2015-Present

I graduated with an MSci in chemistry from the University of Bristol in 2014. During my Erasmus year in France, I designed and synthesised template-assembled catalytic G-quartets under the supervision Nicolas Spinelli at UJF/CNRS Grenoble. My final year project in Bristol was supervised by Dek Woolfson and focused on the de novo design of higher-order coiled-coils.

In October 2015, I joined Imperial College London under the supervision of Anna Barnard, Ed Tate and Tony Holder (Francis Crick Institute). My project aims to create a novel class of multi-facial helix mimetics for the inhibition of fully-buried protein-helix interactions. Initially, the mimetics will be designed to antagonise the MTIP-MyoA interaction in Plasmodium parasites.


Muhammed Haque - MRes in Drug Discovery and Development Student 2017-Present

I graduated with a BSc in Chemistry with Biomedicine from King’s College London in 2017, where I conducted a variety of research projects including those in the fields of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and molecular biology. 
Having completed my undergraduate degree, I decided to come to Imperial to study MRes in Drug Discovery and Development, where I am currently working on a project using aromatic oligoesters as novel scaffolds for alpha-helix mimetics under the supervisor of Dr Anna Barnard

Undergraduate Students

AnaAna Losada De La Lastra - MSci Student 2017/18

I moved to London from Spain 3 Years ago to start my Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry degree at Imperial. In my secon year I participated in the FONS-MAD competition with a project aimed at studying mosquito adhesion to surfaces and trying to make them 'slip' using crystals extracted from plants. Last summer I had the opportunity of working in the Tate group at Imperial on the synthesis of PROTACS, molecules designed to interfere with the cell's degradation machinary. I then took up another summer placement at the Institute of Molecular Engineering at the Unievrsity of Chicago working on nanomaterials for 3D printing and tissue engineering.

My project in the Barnard group involves the design of small peptide inhibitors of the toxin protein Doc in Salmonella.

HannahHannah Kiely-Collins - MSci Student 2017/18

I am in my final year of a Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry MSci degree at Imperial. During summer 2016 I worked between the Fuchter and Barnard Groups at Imperial, where I synthesised and purified novel arylazopyrazole ‘photoswitches’ as ‘photostaples’ to BIM/BID peptides from the Bcl-2 protein family that is involved in the regulation of cell apoptosis. During summer 2017 I worked in the Brennan Group in Oxford on novel synthetic methodology, where we utilised calcium to catalyse the Beckmann Rearrangement of a range of medicinal chemistry relevant scaffolds under mild conditions.

My Masters project in the Barnard Group involves the synthesis of N-alkylated aromatic oligoamide probes that act as mimetics of the tumour suppressor protein p53 with the aim of elucidating their full protein target set with chemical proteomics.


  Muhammed Haque - MRes inDrug Discovery and Development 2017/18
  Ana Losada de la Lastra - MSci Student 2017/18
  Hannah Kiely-Collins - MSci Student 2017/18
  Fiona Rowan - Postdoctoral Research Associate Jan 2017-April 2018

Dan Miles - MRes in Drug Discovery and Development 2016/17


Yingchao Wang - MRes in Drug Discovery and Development 2016/17

 Oliver Fischer  

Oliver Fischer - Erasmus Student 2017


Femke Meijer - Erasmus Student 2016/17

 Michelle Tan  

Michelle Tan - MSci Student 2015/16

 Huda Baldo  

Huda Baldo - MRes in Drug Discovery and Development 2015/16